Universal sets screenwriters loose on Twitter – helped Ted to gross near $200 million

The teddy bear’s first tweet, from an account called @WhatTedSaid set up by the Universal Pictures marketing department, was “Hello, Twitter. Kindly go f— yourself.” The author of the greeting was Alec Sulkin, co-screenwriter of the R-rated comedy “Ted,” who together with his collaborator Wellesley Wild was paid extra by the studio to build buzz …

Amazon Studios selects four TV projects for online streaming – further Netflix competition

Just a month after we brought you news that Amazon Studios was calling for original comedy and children’s series projects, the company announced today that it has selected its first four projects, choosing three comedies and one children’s show. The company has switched its focus to four TV projects, they are:   The 100 Deaths of Mort Grimley – Where …

I think my dad is a space alien

In “Alien,” the most recent TV spot from Audi, viewers are transported into the world of a child who misunderstands her dad’s looks, actions and most notably all of the technological innovations inside the Audi A6 as proof that he is a space alien.

Favorite Commercials: Tracy Morgan’s to-do list

Things to do today: Tickle the gerbils. Meet BamBam at the bowling alley and let him know he owes me $5 dollars. Translate my memoirs into Esperanto. Avoid the Bermuda Triangle at all costs. Make all the doorbells in the whole wide world play nothing but love songs.

So Dad, how do you like the iPad we got you?

“Yeah, it’s good.” He then proceeds to cut some vegetables on the iPad, use it to scrape clean his knife, rinse in water, and stick in the dishwasher! The video is super funny, you have to watch it (German, 40 seconds).