The Rise of the Asset-Light Generation

Every year, Mary “Queen of the Net” Meeker releases her must-read “State of the Internet” report, gleaning insight from¬†predominant¬†internet trends, with almost prescient¬†accuracy.

In this year’s presentation, one of the major themes she identifies is the rise of the “sharing economy” or as Mary calls it, a shift to an “Asset-Light Generation.”


A simple translation of this term is: Americans buying less stuff. It is a trend that should not only inspirit sustainability advocates, but Americans all-around. Asset-heavy consumption has led our country to experience a rise in obesity, a rise in pollution, and a rise in debt, with a net impact of a decrease in quality of life.

So cheers to the rise of the “Asset-Light Generation” — there’s hope for us yet.

One thought on “The Rise of the Asset-Light Generation”

  1. I forget where/when I came across this way of articulating the same macrotrend, but I quite like it: “As on-demand ‘access’ to a good becomes sufficiently reliable, frictionless, and ubiquitous, the very notion of ‘ownership’ becomes superfluous.”

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