Universal sets screenwriters loose on Twitter – helped Ted to gross near $200 million

The teddy bear’s first tweet, from an account called @WhatTedSaid set up by the Universal Pictures marketing department, was “Hello, Twitter 삼성 앱스 다운로드. Kindly go f— yourself.”

The author of the greeting was Alec Sulkin, co-screenwriter of the R-rated comedy “Ted,” who together with his collaborator Wellesley Wild was paid extra by the studio to build buzz on social media ahead of the film’s June 29 release 위닝일레븐 다운로드. Who better to embody the random musings of a foul-mouthed stuffed animal than the writers of the script? The suits left them alone.

“The parameters were, ‘Just go to town,’ ” says Doug Neil, Universal’s senior vice president of digital marketing 다운로드. The tweeting started March 30, two days before the “red band” (uncensored) trailer appeared online, depicting the namesake bear smoking weed, cuddling with co-star Mark Wahlberg and pantomiming suggestive acts for a supermarket checkout girl 다운로드.

It worked spectacularly. Tracking polls, which movie executives rely on to guide box office expectations, suggested an opening-weekend gross of $35 million to $40 million for the film, which was co-written and directed by Seth McFarlane, creator of “Family Guy,” who also provided the voice for Ted 뷰2 킷캣. Instead, “Ted” generated $54 million, catching the industry by surprise.


More on this: The Wall Street Journal – Twitter Goes to the Movies


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Amazing (gross) limited edition – Walking Dead Season 2


The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season

Having trouble waiting until October to get your zombie suspense fix 다운로드? Pick up The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season ($70) on Blu-ray 닷넷프레임워크 4.6. This limited edition set includes all 13 episodes from the second season, as well as audio commentaries, webisodes, deleted scenes, over 10 new featurettes, all spread across fours discs, that come encased in a fittingly gross zombie-with-a-screwdriver-in-his-eye statue 다운로드.



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YouTube is finally making money – lot’s of it!

Is Google making money off of YouTube? You betcha, Google execs told shareholders today, without offering the slightest bit of detail. Par for the course 다운로드.

So, in lieu of real numbers from Google, here’s a Wall Street estimate: Google is making a ton of money from YouTube.

More specifically: The video site should generate more than $3.6 billion in gross revenue this year, says Citi’s Mark Mahaney xilinx ise 14.7 download. After distributing some of that to partners, Google probably records net revenue of $2.4 billion, he says.

Why is he even more optimistic now?

Basically, because YouTube’s traffic continues to grow, even though it’s already ginormous — comScore has it posting 20 percent growth, quarter after quarter 다운로드. And because Google is sticking more ads on more videos

His 2012 revenue estimate “is likely 50% greater than Yahoo!’s Display Advertising total and right-in-line with Netflix’s total subscription revenue.”

Via All Things D

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America exports the magic of (billion-dollar) movies

When it comes to exports, America brings movies to the world 다운로드. So which ones are having the biggest impact?

“The Avengers” is likely to stand with”Avatar,””Titanic”and iterations of “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Lord of the Rings,””Toy Story” and”Transformers,” as one of a new breed of globally dominant film franchises 제3공화국 다운로드.

via LA Times

These are the billion dollar movies with the highest worldwide gross. Comics, sci-fi, magic, history, pirates, animation, and fantasy 인턴 영어자막 다운로드.

Not bad compared to some elements of our culture we could be sending overseas. Of course, the main reason these are successful is largely due to their extensive action scenes which easily cross-over the language barrier

The latest movie having a huge impact overseas, “Avatar”, came in this weekend with $200.3 million in the United States and $151.5 internationally, for one-week total of $441.5 million 위챗 스티커 다운로드.


// Photo – gtall1

We all pay taxes – Barack & Michelle made $800k, donated $170k, & paid $160k in taxes

As we all get finished with our taxes so do the President and First Lady. It turns out that the Obama’s came in with a 20.5% tax rate on income of $789,674 (married filing jointly), including donations worth $172,130 다운로드.

The bulk of that income came from presidential salaries, $394,821, and book sales, $441,369.

In 2010, their income was $1.7 million with the increase due to book sales, and in 2009, it was more than $5.5 million from book sales and Barack’s Nobel Peace Prize award money 다운로드.

In comparison, Mitt Romney pulled in an estimated $20.9 million in 2011, and is paying a %15.3 tax rate on that 다운로드. It seems that both our politicians are paying lower rates than average Americans.

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10 biggest movie flops of 2011 – feel like losing a hundred million?

  1. Mars Needs Moms – budget $150 million, gross $39 million
  2. Conan the Barbarian – budget $90 million, gross $48.8 million
  3. The Big Year – budget $41 million, gross $7.4 million
  4. The Rum Diary – budget $45 million, gross $21.6 million
  5. Anonymous – budget $30 million, gross $14.8 million
  6. The Thing – budget $38 million, gross $27.4 million
  7. Sucker Punch – budget $82 million, gross $89.8 million
  8. Arthur – budget $40 million, gross $45.7 million
  9. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie – budget $9 million, gross $18.7 million
  10. I Don’t Know How She Does It – budget $24 million, gross $30.5 million

*Note: studios pay the budget but split the gross with the theaters

via The Hollywood Reporter


다운로드 다운로드 다운로드 땡벌 mp3 다운로드

10 Top grossing movies of 2011 – nine sequels and one animation movie

슬롯 머신 게임 다운로드

Not very strong year for original content with nine sequels topping on the list, but a great year for cashing in on franchises.

The final Harry Potter movie set several records, including the biggest single-day domestic gross of $92.1 million and best worldwide debut of $481.5 다운로드.

Rio, the only non-sequel on the list, caps off a big year for animation studios with four movies in the top 10.

  1. $1.3 billion – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
  2. $1.1 billion – Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  3. $1.0 billion – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  4. $663 million – Kung Fu Panda 2
  5. $648 million – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
  6. $626 million – Fast Five
  7. $581.5 million – The Hangover Part II
  8. $562.4 million – The Smurfs
  9. $551.9 million – Cars 2
  10. $484.6 million – Rio

*Figures represent worldwide gross

see the top 20 at The Hollywood Reporter