The new Mark VIII armor for Iron Man 3 is revealed

What kind of armor will Tony Stark wear in Iron Man 3? That question has been answered at Comic-Con International, where the new costume is on display at the Marvel booth.

Here’s Wired senior editor Peter Rubin with an exclusive look at the new armor, as well as a chronological spin through the various power suits donned by Robert Downey Jr. in the hit superhero movies.

The Mark VIII armor:


Source: Wired – Exclusive Video: First Look at New Armor From Iron Man 3

Go inside the Cardington Sheds with Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight Rises

The Cardington Sheds (Tony Crowe)


From a distance, Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City sure doesn’t look like much. The “skyline” begins to emerge over the horizon in the rolling green farmlands about 50 miles north of London, but there are no gothic spires or granite citadels, just the slanted, pocked roofs of two boxy metal buildings.

But nearing the complex on a winding two-lane road, the immensity of the filmmaker’s make-believe metropolis comes into focus: The structures that looked squat from afar are actually 15 stories tall — and as long as 81-story skyscrapers lying on their sides. Constructed more than 85 years ago to house Britain’s Royal Airship Works, the giant coffin-shaped sheds sat unused or ignored for years, and waiting for some great undertaking, after the nation’s flagship dirigible went down in flames in a horrific 1930 crash in France.

The field mice had the run of the buildings but after the southern shed was renovated in 1994 it was used by occasional rock stars preparing for tours (U2 and Paul McCartney among them) or Hollywood production. The 525-ton door opened for Nolan in 2004. Cardington has since become a special home base, which is fitting given the fact that illusion, extreme architecture, old-school craft and colossal scale are screen trademarks for the London-born filmmaker best known for his three Batman films and “Inception.”

For 2005′s “Batman Begins” they put in the faux masonry of the Narrows and Arkham Asylum. Nolan’s team added to the indoor cityscape for 2008′s billion-dollar hit sequel “The Dark Knight” and then, for the topsy-turvy fights of “Inception,” special-effect guru Chris Corbould built a spinning corridor that made actors like hamsters in a wheel. More recently, Nolan and production designer Nathan Crowley added a cruel and exotic underground prison for “The Dark Knight Rises,” which opens July 20.


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Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For – finally moving forward

Robert Rodriguez‘s long-awaited sequel to Sin City, his 2005 adaptation of the Frank Miller comics, is finally moving forward.

Dimension Films announced that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, has secured financing from AR Films, the company founded by Alexander Rodnyansky, and will be released domestically by Dimension. It will begin casting next week with a plan to shoot this summer at Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios in Austin.

“The first question I am always asked is, ‘When will you make another Sin City?’ ” said Rodriquez. “I have wanted to reteam with Frank Miller and return to the world he created since the day we wrapped the original but have felt a duty to the fans to wait until we had something truly exceptional that would meet and exceed what have become epic expectations. A Dame to Kill For will certainly be worth the wait.”

As in the original Sin City, Rodriguez will co-direct with Miller, who will share screenplay credit with William Monahan.

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10 Top grossing movies of 2011 – nine sequels and one animation movie

Not very strong year for original content with nine sequels topping on the list, but a great year for cashing in on franchises.

The final Harry Potter movie set several records, including the biggest single-day domestic gross of $92.1 million and best worldwide debut of $481.5.

Rio, the only non-sequel on the list, caps off a big year for animation studios with four movies in the top 10.

  1. $1.3 billion – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
  2. $1.1 billion – Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  3. $1.0 billion – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  4. $663 million – Kung Fu Panda 2
  5. $648 million – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
  6. $626 million – Fast Five
  7. $581.5 million – The Hangover Part II
  8. $562.4 million – The Smurfs
  9. $551.9 million – Cars 2
  10. $484.6 million – Rio

*Figures represent worldwide gross

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Wall Street 2 Quotes – The Best Ones..

If you are a fan of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps then you will love these quotes. I can’t help myself watching the movie several times over just to pick up the extra nuance these words provide:


Jacob Moore: If it weren’t for people who took risks, where would we be in this world?


Gordon Gekko: Moral hazard is when they take your money and then are not responsible for what they do with it.


Gordon Gekko: A fisherman always sees another fisherman from afar.


Gordon Gekko: If there’s one thing I learned in prison it’s that money is not the prime commodity in our lives… time is.


Jacob Moore: You wanna know what the mother of all bubbles was? Us. The human race. Scientists call it the Cambrian Explosion, from the Cambrian fauna.


Jacob Moore: Bubbles are evolutionary. They kill excess, lean out the heard, but they are never completely destroyed. They just come back in different forms and when they burst they give light to a new day, always creating change.


Jacob Moore: Are we going under? There are 15 thousand jobs on the line – 15 thousand! Are we going under?
Lewis Zabel (Frank Langella): You’re asking the wrong question, Jake.
Jacob Moore: What’s the right question?
Lewis Zabel: Who isn’t?


Gordon Gekko: Don’t run when you lose, don’t whine when it hurts. It’s like the first grade, Jerry…nobody likes a crybaby.


Jacob Moore: Mom, I love you, but I can not keep hemorrhage money for your insanity.What you need to do is go back to Henry and you need to get another job. Okay?
Sylvia Moore: Oh my god, do you mean like a real job? With a boss? Are you crazy?


Jacob Moore: No matter how much money you make you’ll never be rich.
Gordon Gekko: That’s what you never got about these people. Its not about the money, its about the game.


Gordon Gekko: When choosing between two evils, I like to try the one I haven’t tried before.


Jacob Moore: Is this a threat?
Gordon Gekko: Absolutely.