Visit Wales and its 641 castles – a mixture of gothic, medieval, and Victorian styles

With its rolling hills and numerous royal conquests, there’s no place where history comes alive in such a lush setting as it does in Wales. Everywhere you look, the evidence of kings, queens, conflict and empire call to you. There are more than 600 castles – 641 to be precise – so even without trying …

Photos of the skydiver who parachuted into the Olympics dressed as the Queen

  God save the queen. And get her a razor for her five o’clock shadow. The stuntperson who was featured during that showstopping moment in Friday night’s Opening Ceremony when Queen Elizabeth jumped out of a helicopter with James Bond was a better actor than you ever knew. A closer look reveals it was a …

The Torchbearers – best photos of the Olympic Flame traveling across the British Isles


The best pictures of June from National Geographic


Time Magazine Specials – extensive coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I’ve been fascinating by the British Monarchy for a while, having written about topics ranging from their extensive wealth to the Queen’s favorite dresses. I even watched the CNN footage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee last Sunday, despite all the rain and bad weather. To keep learning about the Jubilee, I found Time Magazine’s special coverage …

82% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Queen Elizabeth II

As Britain prepares to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne, the sovereign’s popularity in the United States is at a 15-year high — 82% of Americans say they have a favorable opinion of the queen in a CNN/ORC poll released Friday. That’s a 35-point jump from 1997, when her favorable rating stood …

Throne Clones – the British royal family compared to their ancestors

P.S. The last one is the best 🙂   …see several more at – The Royal Watcher

Modern Royals – Rainbow Queen in the British Vogue

Note that it says the Queen prefers: 29% – blue 13% – floral 11% – cream or green 10% – pink or purple 4%  – red, orange, or yellow 2%  – black 1%  – checkered or beige And, some close-ups.