Apple releases Mountain Lion 10.8.1 – now’s a good time to update/buy

Mac OS 10.8.1 Mountain Lion released

Apple just released OSX 10.8.1 Mountain Lion via Software Update 다운로드. The delta update weighs a paltry 7.28MB on my Retina MacBook Pro, but your mileage may vary. Apple did not confirm reports that 10.8.1 improves battery life but many other issues appear to be resolved 아이펀박스 다운로드.

A rather intelligent friend of mine told me that when Apple comes out with something new it’s always best to wait for the stable release 다운로드. That usually is the next release and typically means the point-one (10.8.1) package.

In this case he was definitely right. My computer has been slowing down like a hog in mud 아트머니 다운로드. It’s good to have this release.
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The most complete review of Apple’s new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion – the ars technica review

It’s bold, it’s brash, and it’s 25 pages long. Don’t worry it has a table of contents. If you’re short on time, read the TOC and you’ll be up-to-date 다운로드. Otherwise, sit back and dig in for a feature rich update on your favorite computer.


Apple’s traditional desktop computing business has suffered many indignities over the past decade 에이핑크 노래 다운로드. Once Apple’s flagship product line, the Mac first found itself playing second fiddle to the iPod—a mere music player—in the early 2000s. Today, matters are worse; on a graph of Apple’s revenues, the Mac now appears as a thin strip of earth while iOS devices are the mountain that sits upon it 버츄얼dj.

Apple presented last year’s release of OS X 10.7 Lion as part of a turn “back to the Mac.” Ostensibly, the tagline was Apple’s promise to bring innovations from its mobile operating system back to Mac OS X 다운로드. But more broadly, it also meant that the Mac would receive more of Apple’s attention.

That attention resulted in some dramatic changes to aspects of the operating system that had not been reconsidered in decades: application launching, the document model, process management—even basics like window resizing and scrolling 온디스크 무제한 다운로드. As Apple’s newly refocused gaze fell upon its desktop operating system, many parts of it were deemed archaic and unworthy of continued existence 로그인.

At the end of last year’s Lion review, I concluded: “[Lion] marks the point where Mac OS X releases stop being defined by what’s been added 다운로드. From now on, Mac OS X should be judged by what’s been removed.” Unfortunately, the surgery was not a complete success. There were… complications 스카이캐슬 다운로드.


Source: ars technica – OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: the Ars Technica review



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Apple’s WWDC 2012 Conference Preview – iOS 6, new Macs, iCloud update

This Monday, June 11, Apple will host one of its biggest events of the year, WWDC, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. First thing in the morning will be the famous Keynote presentation where Apple’s top brass takes the stage to preview the latest treasures in their chest 마크 텍스쳐팩.

Here are just a few of those expected to be announced:

  • iOS 6 – the banners advertising this at the conference are already being hung – a small update compared to iOS 5, but it does introduce Apple Maps (and kicks out Google Maps) 소설 템빨 다운로드. A complete Facebook integration and bringing Siri to the iPad, among the rumors.
  • iCloud – photo-sharing to social media sites and video stream, where videos are synced in the cloud 영화 치즈인더트랩 다운로드.
  • New Macs –  the consensus seems to indicate that the entire Mac lineup will be refreshed with Retina Displays. With that as the primary change there could also be a shrinking of the MacBook Pro size and multiple spec updates 플래시 플레이어 다운로드.

With Apple’s notorious secrecy there is the potential for multiple big surprises. Plus, this will be the first WWDC without Steve Jobs so it will be interesting to see how Tim Cook and crew pave the way 다운로드.

For an in-depth look at all these new features9to5 Mac – WWDC 2012 Roundup

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New Apple OSX adds share buttons for Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter – continuing to snub Facebook, Google

Apple’s decision to unfriend Facebook has turned out to be a boon for third-party social services that are now finding their way into Apple operating environments 이니페이 플러그인 128 다운로드. The biggest winner of them all is Twitter. 

In iOS 5, Apple integrated Twitter. And just like that the company saw “sign-ups more than double and the number of tweets sent increase over 90 percent,” according to Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter 다운로드.

Well, Twitter is about to get a yet another boost, thanks to the upcoming release of the latest version of Mac OS X, called Mountain Lion 다운로드.

Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo are some of the third-party services that will offered as part of new “share sheet” that allows you to share links, photos and videos directly from the app one is using on the Mac 파크라이 프라이멀 다운로드. (Interestingly, there is no YouTube in this share sheet?)

via GigaOm


The new "Share" button


The "Share Sheet" as it looks on iPhones, iPads

Apple, changing its ways after Steve via private product briefings

“We’re starting to do some things differently,” Phil Schiller said to me.

We were sitting in a comfortable hotel suite in Manhattan just over a week ago 다운로드. I’d been summoned a few days earlier by Apple PR with the offer of a private “product briefing”. I had no idea heading into the meeting what it was about 저작권 없는 음악 무료 다운로드. I had no idea how it would be conducted. This was new territory for me, and I think, for Apple.

The meeting was structured and conducted very much like an Apple product announcement event 유튜브 영어자막 다운로드. But instead of an auditorium with a stage and theater seating, it was simply with a couch, a chair, an iMac, and an Apple TV hooked up to a Sony HDTV 다운로드. And instead of a room full of writers, journalists, and analysts, it was just me, Schiller, and two others from Apple.

Handshakes, a few pleasantries, good hot coffee, and then, well, then I got an Apple press event for one 퍼스트퀸4 리메이크 다운로드.

via John Gruber

Perhaps, Phil Schiller is doing several of these to learn the craft of “product briefing” 다운로드?

We all know, from the Steve Jobs biography, that Steve spent a considerable amount of time perfecting his briefings and that skill came in very handy for Apple dur download.

What happened to the iPhone 5?

Between all the hype about iCloud, OSX Lion, and Apple’s WWDC 2011, something went missing 나눔 바른 고딕 웹 폰트. The next version of the iPhone, rumored to be called iPhone 5.

So what happened to the iPhone 5 youtube 60fps?

I’ve been crawling the internet everyday (see picture at right) for news and everything is mum.

Not my Mom, she is convinced it is coming out in September 저 정시에 퇴근합니다 다운로드. I want to believe her but, at this point, there is nothing to back that up.

We might as well add her speculation to the rest, here is what I’ve found so far:

TUAW: “Sources inspecting the…iOS 5 firmware have discovered suggestions of two future iPad 3 models as well as a pair of iPhone 5 models.”

MacStories: “A new report from Digitimes, camera image sensor supplier OmniVision has won “significant orders” for Apple’s next-generation iPhone, set to debut later this year.”

That’s pretty much it, my mom’s speculation, TUAW’s, and MacStories 다운로드. I’m not all that convinced…

Let’s switch into likely outcomes…September, December, next year. Here is BeatWeek’s break down:

  • August – iOS 5 needs beta testing and developer lead time…sounds reasonable 옥류체 다운로드.
  • September – the above scenario, except Apple uses its early September iPress Conference to launch the iPhone 5…most likely 다운로드.
  • Just before the holidays – Something about the iPhone 5 and/or iOS 5 is running late, and we mean late…you’re getting colder
  • Doomsday 2012 – Apple decides to leave the iPhone 4 as the current model for more than a year and a half, unleashing the iPhone 5 in February of 2012 or so….evokes the phrase “epic fail.”

Ok, so we are back to September as the best option 다운로드. Although, it feels like wishful thinking to me..what do you think?

Oh, and PS, does the following mean the iPhone 4S is dead?


“Here’s what really happened behind the iPhone 4S saga, as best we can piece together:

The iPhone 5 will be the next iPhone and it’ll have the same A5 processor as the iPad 2…

Some developers complained that they wouldn’t be able to properly test the limits of their upcoming iPhone apps if they were limited to doing their testing on an A4 instead of an A5 ms 프로젝트 2016. So Apple sent out some jury-rigged iPhone 4 units with A5 processors wedged into them for testing purposes. Word leaked out about it, and some folks misinterpreted this ..being the next commercial iPhone release 다운로드. And because the last time Apple released an iPhone model twice in a row with a different processor inside they called the second one iPhone 3GS, these folks decided that this “new” iPhone 4 must therefore be called the iPhone 4S..”