The rise of wooden surfboards – alaia’s

Have you seen a wooden surfboard in the water yet? If not, you will soon as these earth-friendly boards grow in popularity. The famous shaper, Tom Wegener, gave a talk about his designs for the ancient Hawaiian board, the Alaia (pronounced: ah-LIE-ah): According to Wegener, this historical Hawaiian surfcraft – which appears to be little more …

The skydiving keynote of Project Glass at Google I/O

    More on Project Glass: Google Glass launches for US-based I/O attendees $1500 and shipping early 2013 More Google Glass details: experimenting with connectivity options, control possible via voice   // Thx – Matt Anderson

A slow motion video of exploding eggs and smashing glass

A super slow motion video of exploding eggs and smashing glass filmed by the Phantom Flex camera….not your typical tea party. The frame rate was anywhere between 3,200 to 6,900 frames per second.

An experiment in Monumenta – art at the Grand Palais in Paris, France

Here is an amazing piece of art from the website designboom. Each year the French Ministry of Culture and Communication invites a leading artist to create a work that responds to the exceptional architectural space of the Grand Palais in Paris. The sheer monumental scale of the building provided the inspiration for a big idea: monumenta. …