Times are changing – women afraid to get married, men more open to it

Times have changed and women are changing them. From Jezebel:

A new study has found a possible reason for the much-vaunted decline in marriage: people are afraid of having to go through a divorce 다운로드. And women are more likely than men to fear getting “trapped” in a relationship they can’t easily exit.

And exiting is the new factor 영상앨범 산 다운로드. Now that women can leave marriages and have the financial stability to do so – everything is changing. They are even avoiding getting married in the first place 다운로드. Preferring to stay single longer and closely evaluating the men in their lives. While men seem more open to marriage than ever before.

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Follow the Light chooses best new surf photographers, Shawn Parkin & Sara Lee

포토샵 cc 무료 다운로드

The Follow the Light Foundation (FTLF) was created in the spirit and memory of Larry “Flame” Moore who was Surfing Magazine’s Photo Editor for more than 30 years stm8.

The organization awards a grant each year to best new surf photographer, helping to finance their dreams and push the sport and its lensmen forward 테라리아 pc 다운로드.

Follow the Light


Shawn Parkin – Overall Winner




Sara Lee – People’s Choice



// Videos courtesy of Swell Blog

Jesus saves, Moses lends, Muhammad invests – Islamic finance accounts for 1 trillion in banking

“The interesting thing about Islam,” says Professor Constant Mews, “is that it was a much more commercial culture from the outset than Christianity.”

And from around the middle of the eighth century to the middle of the 13th, while European Christians were struggling through the Dark Ages, the Islamic world enjoyed a golden age Ota download.

Arab merchants had a lot to do with it.

“They developed alternative ways of regulating funds,” says Mews.

“In particular the core Islamic principle is simply one of sharing profit and loss 다운로드. The desire is to promote investment by taking commercial risk.

“Risk, incidentally, is an Arabic word, referring to where you lend money to others without requiring a return unless there is profitable growth.”

And for some 500 years, this financial model underpinned advances in science, the arts, architecture, and innovation generally 다운로드. Then came the Crusades and the Mongol hordes, and the Islamic model of finance declined, the space becoming filled by that other model.

Islamic finance, however, is undergoing something of a renaissance 다운로드.

It is now a USD1 trillion industry…Mohamed Ariff continues the litany of statistical growth: there are 57 majority-Muslim nations, 76 countries which already practice Islamic banking, 350 banks, 15 insurance companies and about 1,200 mutual funds 스크린 헌터 다운로드.

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The top silvercat – Christine Lagarde in dazzling gray hair with exquisite style.. at age 55

I’m on a bit of a quest to bring back silver hair among women and launching myself right into the middle of the great gray war 다운로드. I’m all for it and I think it’s ridiculous that men get all this respect while women have to hide.

I even think it’s hot and attractive for a lady to show off her gray mane m3u8 ts download. Case in point is the top silvercat of them all, Christine Lagarde.

I’m a fanboy, no joke 시크릿쥬쥬 12기 다운로드. She is in my top 5, you know, women I would most like to *meet*.

Maybe it’s my way of rebelling against a society that puts such great importance on female youth 다운로드. It’s as if nothing matters after a girl turns 30, she’s done. I really hate that.

Especially, because so few of us know anything at that age 다운로드. I love meeting women who are solid and sophisticated at any age. If she happens to be older, even better.

There is simply something attractive in confidence and experience that a nubile beauty can’t match 다운로드.

From her profile in Vogue

“When she does arrive at her office, the force of her presence is palpable 도도 고스톱 다운로드. When we call somebody a star, we’re sometimes hinting that along with the glamour, there may be an element of fragility or caprice; Marilyn Monroe was a star 리눅스 깃허브.

“It would be better to say of Christine Lagarde that she is a planet with a powerful field of gravity, orbiting through the skies of global high finance, the first woman to be in charge of the world’s economy 아이패드 웹 다운로드.

“Lagarde looks great. She’s wearing a pale oatmeal-hued suit, a white blouse, dangly earrings, and carries a large Kelly bag from Hermès 이 세상의 한구석에 다운로드. The ensemble complements her silver hair and smiling, younger-than-her-55-years face.

Altogether, she conforms to a profile common to women who project a steady hand and a cool head and are therefore acceptable to men as leaders of male-dominated organizations.”

…and she can project a steady hand and cool head on me anytime.

More photos of my woman:

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Occupy Wall Street: Finding a voice, a message and an audience

** This is a guest post by Bernie Lee **

Trying to write a blog post about Occupy Wall Street that’s fair a balanced has become an endeavor that has led me around in circles 아이폰에서 음악 다운로드. It’s unlike other protest movements such the anti-war hippie movement or the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s. In those there were clear leaders and a clear message and the voice was of an identifiable demographic of the American public 오디오 서프 다운로드.

Two historic movements have the same complications that plague Occupy Wall Street: the American and French Revolutions.

I hate revisionist history 다운로드. It’s also difficult to enumerate all of the reasons and events that led to the American Revolution. It’s really hard to take off “presentism” goggles as we try to look back into history and learn from the events of the past 집 사진 다운로드.

Fact: George Washington was the leader of the American armies during the revolution.
Opinion: George Washington was a badass and an impeccable leader of men 다운로드.

For many people in the US, my statement that George Washington was a badass is merely an opinion and may be refuted is tantamount to speaking heresy in front of an inquisitor during the Spanish Inquisition or having gone up to McCarthy with the news that I’m a communist clover download. Now that I’ve put that seed of thought in your mind, let me try to amend your opinion by saying that I’m not a communist. Of course whether you believe that or not remains to be seen 골프스윙 동영상. Hopefully you haven’t passed judgement on me and decided the rest of this post is not worth reading.

In his book, The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama explains that there is only one right that a human being can protect on his/her own – his/her right to life 강적들. Any other “right” that we believe we have is given to us by the social system we live under. I don’t have a right to speak my mind. In a different community, I could be silenced via censorship, incapacitation, imprisonment or death 소닉 앤 너클즈 다운로드. However, the US Constitution is a social contract that states that as a citizen of the US, I have the right to speak my mind. My government protects my freedom of speech 다운로드.

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New iPhone app: Bloomberg Radio+

There is an awesome new iPhone app out called Bloomberg Radio+ 다운로드.

If you’re a finance geek like me, then you’ll love these features:

– Bloomberg Radio live 24-hours a day
– Bloomberg shows and interviews available on demand
– Offline listening 바우와우. Save/download shows and interviews
– Latest market data on companies
– Charts as they are referenced during a show or interview
– Bios of guests
– Customizable scrolling ticker

Plus, it has some surprisingly cool graphics and design 플라즈마 스워드 다운로드.