Is there prize money given with olympic medals?

There’s no pay from the IOC (International Olympic Committee) when they win a medal. But many countries Olympic committees pay their athletes for winning medals. Among them, The U.S., Russia, Canada, China & Italy and many more countries.

$20K-$50K per gold medal is typical in bigger countries. The smaller countries actually tend to pay more, $50K-$100K, since a single gold is more important to their country. Some athletes receive cars, houses and promise of jobs when they retire.


Source: Yahoo! Answers


In the U.S., our athletes receive, from the U.S. Olympic Committee, $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver, and $10,000 for bronze.

Swimmers, receive even more thanks to an organization called USA Swimming, who chips in an additional $75,000 for gold, as has been highly publicized for Missy Franklin.



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The top silvercat – Christine Lagarde in dazzling gray hair with exquisite style.. at age 55

I’m on a bit of a quest to bring back silver hair among women and launching myself right into the middle of the great gray war. I’m all for it and I think it’s ridiculous that men get all this respect while women have to hide.

I even think it’s hot and attractive for a lady to show off her gray mane. Case in point is the top silvercat of them all, Christine Lagarde.

I’m a fanboy, no joke. She is in my top 5, you know, women I would most like to *meet*.

Maybe it’s my way of rebelling against a society that puts such great importance on female youth. It’s as if nothing matters after a girl turns 30, she’s done. I really hate that.

Especially, because so few of us know anything at that age. I love meeting women who are solid and sophisticated at any age. If she happens to be older, even better.

There is simply something attractive in confidence and experience that a nubile beauty can’t match.

From her profile in Vogue

“When she does arrive at her office, the force of her presence is palpable. When we call somebody a star, we’re sometimes hinting that along with the glamour, there may be an element of fragility or caprice; Marilyn Monroe was a star.

“It would be better to say of Christine Lagarde that she is a planet with a powerful field of gravity, orbiting through the skies of global high finance, the first woman to be in charge of the world’s economy.

“Lagarde looks great. She’s wearing a pale oatmeal-hued suit, a white blouse, dangly earrings, and carries a large Kelly bag from Hermès. The ensemble complements her silver hair and smiling, younger-than-her-55-years face.

Altogether, she conforms to a profile common to women who project a steady hand and a cool head and are therefore acceptable to men as leaders of male-dominated organizations.”

…and she can project a steady hand and cool head on me anytime.

More photos of my woman:

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