Vertigo dethrones Citizen Kane as the best film of all time

If you’re looking for a quality list among all those top 10s, then this is the one. It occurs only once a decade and queries nearly 900 of the world’s top critics 다운로드. The numbers are collated into the “Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time” 수능 기출문제 다운로드.

The results are in:


And the loser is – Citizen Kane. After 50 years at the top of the Sight & Sound poll, Orson Welles’s debut film has been convincingly ousted by Alfred Hitchcock’s 45th feature Vertigo 워크래프트 1 다운로드.

…Hitchcock, who only entered the top ten in 1982 (two years after his death), has risen steadily in esteem over the course of 30 years, with Vertigo climbing from seventh place, to fourth in 1992, second in 2002 and now first, to make him the Old Master 다운로드.


I heard about this list through the Slate Culture Gabfest where it was remarked, “these movies are part of a great film education” 중국 출입국 신고서 다운로드.

How’s your education?


  1. Vertigo
  2. Citizen Kane
  3. Tokyo Story
  4. La Règle du jeu
  5. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
  6. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  7. The Searchers
  8. Man with a Movie Camera
  9. The Passion of Joan of Arc
  10. 8 1/2


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Facebook for Good: new update creates thousands of organ donors

Would you share your organ donor status on Facebook? You share what you’re making for dinner, how your garden grows, where you’re going on vacation…But what about your organs 폴라로이드 다운로드?

Mark Zuckerberg is hoping you will mna download.

On “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, Zuckerberg and company Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg announced that Facebook is letting those U.S.- and U.K.-based users add whether they’re an organ donor to their timelines and the story behind the decision to become one 오늘의tv 다운로드. There’s also a link to the official donor registry for those inspired to become a donor.

via Tech Now


That was this morning and by lunchtime, of that same day, the news had gone viral:

“As of 12:30pm today, the Donate Life California registry has increased its online donor sign ups by nearly 800% from yesterday thanks to this mornings announcement of the partnership with Facebook 임파서블 크리쳐스 다운로드! Thank you Facebook!”

The wait list can range from six to eight years, depending on the organ needed.

Donate Life California CEO, Charlene Zettel, said, “today, statistically, one-third on [the wait] list will die before an available organ is presented to them.”

via Tech Now


In the place where you normally update your status, there is now a "Life Event" section.

Sensitive and endangered species list for the Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Did you know that there are 22 sensitive and endangered species that rely on the Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, California 구글 툴바 동영상?

As of January 2011, that list includes 16 bird, 1 reptile, and 5 plant species. The full list below doesn’t include the 200+ other birds that call the wetlands home, but it does give you a sense of how important this place is 영웅문 다운로드.


  • Peregrine – (Falco peregrinus anatum) – recently delisted
  • White tailed kite – (Elanus leucurus) – California Fully Protected
  • Loggerhead Shrike – (Lanius ludovicianus) – California Species of Special Concern
  • California Gnatcatcher – (Polioptila californica californica) – Federal Threatened
  • Burrowing Owl – (Athene cunicularia) – California Species of Special Concern
  • Cooper’s Hawk – (Accipiter cooperii) – California Watch List
  • Merlin – (Falco columbarius) – California Watch List
  • Northern Harrier – (Circus cyaneus) – California Species of Special Concern
  • Osprey – (Pandion haliaetus) – California Watch List
  • Sharp-shinned Hawk – (Accipiter striatus) – California Watch List
  • Northern Cardinal – (Cardinalis cardinalis) – California Watch List
  • Olive-sided Flycatcher – (Contopus cooperi) – California Species of Special Concern, USFWS Birds of Conservation Concern
  • Tricolored Blackbird – (Agelaius tricolor) – California Species of Special Concern, USFWS Birds of Conservation Concern
  • Yellow-headed Blackbird – (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus) – California Species of Special Concern
  • Yellow Warbler – (Dendroica petechia brewsteri) – California Species of Special Concern
  • Yellow-breasted Chat – (Icteria virens) – California Species of Special Concern


  • Silvery Legless Lizard – (Anniella pulchra pulchra) – California Species of Special Concern


  • Southern tarplant – (Centromadia parryi ssp 다운로드. Australis) – CNPS 1B.1
  • Southwestern spiny rush – (Juncus acutus ssp. Leopoldii) – CNPS 4.2
  • California box thorn – (Lycium californicum) – CNPS 4.2
  • Coast Woolly Heads – (Nemacaulis denudata var 다운로드. denudata) – CNPS 1B.2
  • Woolly sea-blite – (Suaeda taxifolia) – CNPS 4.2


// Information provided from the California Department of Fish and Game – Lower Mesa Restoration Project

The Year in Podcasts – best of 2011 from iTunes Rewind

iTunes recently released their 2011 list in the form of iTunes Rewind which covers several categories, including podcasts 다운로드.

Unfortunately, it’s not available online, only in iTunes, so I pulled it out for us.

Best of All



Best New Comedy

Best Comedy


News & Politics

Best New News/Politics

Best News/Politics



Best New Technology

Best Technology


Games and Hobbies

Best New Games/Hobbies

Best Games/Hobbies


New Arts

Best New Arts

Best Arts