PAC-12 network launches on August 15, 2012 – UCLA already has 39 games scheduled for the fall

I’m super excited that the PAC-12 is getting its own network. I love watching all sorts of college sports on TV and hopefully this channel will give me all I can eat.



More fans will see more UCLA sports on more channels than ever before when the Pac-12 Networks launches on August 15. So far, there are 39 UCLA fall games scheduled to be televised live on the Pac-12 Networks – one so far in football, 12 in men’s soccer, nine in women’s soccer, 14 in women’s volleyball and three in men’s water polo.

Watch the video to get a taste of what will be on the network. To learn if you will get Pac-12 Networks from your TV provider visit the Pac-12 Networks Channel Finder.



The most amazing, moving commercial of the Olympics – Meet the Superhumans of the Paralympics


This multi-sport training montage reveals that the Paralympics aren’t just a wheelchair affair. As Public Enemy’s “Harder Than You Think” blares in the background, we see Great Britain’s best: the visually impaired soccer team practicing with blindfolds (a way to ensure that those who see more than others don’t gain an unfair advantage), the fierce-looking four-foot tall champion swimmer Ellie Simmonds, amputee runners, and, yes, the wheelchair basketball team.*

Halfway through the clip, there’s a jarring cut to a bomb exploding in a war zone. Then there’s a pregnant mother at the hospital, awaiting word of her unborn child’s condition. That’s followed by a road accident that sends a car flipping on the highway. A second later, we’re back in the gym, where a legless man is doing pull-ups. Then we see a man—presumably the victim of that horrific car wreck—next to his crumpled vehicle.


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What do old men really do at night?

Nike Commercial – Magic Soccer Night



What do old men really do at night?

Written, Directed, Produced by Paul Wie (
Produced and Edited by Peter Yun
Co-Produced by Jason Lee
Music by Robert Litton
Director of Photography: Chris Saul



I think I saw this the other day, very early morning where 4 guys were playing doubles tennis. They could barely hit the ball but were acting like it was the Wimbledon finals. It was so mesmerizing I secretly watched for 15 minutes.

Euro 2012 – the World Cup for Europe – is on ESPN

If you’re interested in soccer/football then these games are for you. The level of play and passion is so similar to the World Cup you might not notice a difference.

All 31 games will be broadcast on ESPN, more than 200 hours, beginning Friday, June 8, through Sunday, July 1.

The schedule.


Euro 2012 being co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine got under way on Friday as European football’s showpiece international competition came behind the former Iron Curtain for the first time.

The month-long festival of football started with a 20-minute opening ceremony in front of a capacity 50,000 crowd at Warsaw’s National Stadium, combining music and dance celebrating the eastern European countries’ rich heritage.

Co-hosts Poland take on Greece, the surprise winners of the 2004 competition, in the first of 31 games at eight venues in the two countries, with the final in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on July 1.

Hordes of colourful fans and half-naked female protestors descended on a rain-soaked Warsaw Friday ahead of the kick-off.

via Yahoo! Sports

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Women of the World Cup

The big games are today:

  • 9am PST – USA vs. France (EPSN)
  • 11:30 PST – Sweden vs. Japan (ESPN)

These games have really been spectacular with so many going to the end.

In honor I have selected my favorite women of the 2011 World Cup.

Hope Solo

As the goalie for the USA, Hope presents a dominate aggressive attitude. I really think the players are scared of her. It works too because she looks gigantic on screen with those goalie gloves (though she is only 5’9). Still, she is gorgeous and considered the best goalie in the world.

Josefine Öqvist

Ahh, Josefine.

Photo: Peder Sterling

She is more like a sex symbol than an athlete with all her photos and magazine covers (maybe NSFW). Plus, she really seems to be having fun. In this viral video, Josefine shows skin as she trades jersey’s with a guy in the stands, but I can’t tell if she is flirting with him (he is cute) or this is all a stunt:

Regardless, Josefine is a powerful player and a “rapid and unpredictable forward who can decide any game”.

French Women

Gaetane Thiney, Elodie Thomis and Corine Franco.

All three of them decided to do some stylish nude photographs for Bild magazine. Their intention was to alert the French public that games are actually being played. They feel that women’s soccer is ignored and men’s is a spectacle since the Zidane headbutt in the 2006 World Cup Finals.

It’s really is a cool photo (NSFW) since it doesn’t reveal all and the women look like athletes not plastic surgeries.

Mana Iwabuchi

The Japanese Team has a 18 year old “teen phenom” playing for them, Mana Iwabuchi. This girl was born in 1993!

This team is definitely my favorite to watch because they show such technical skill on the field (they have to since every team is so much taller than them). Plus, they also have good clean fun:


Ok, since you made it this far I have a link for you (if you’re male). The German women’s team also went all out for their publicity. Posing in the German Playboy (definitely NSFW).

Why You Should Watch the Women's World Cup

Hope Solo Makes the Save

In a world where sports is synonymous with ego, contracts, money, and scandal – the FIFA Women’s World Cup (now 20 years old) is a return to all that is good, right and beautiful in the world. No strikes, no steroids, no rapes, no murders. Just sport and play for the love of the game, in the name of one’s country, for all the world’s viewing pleasure.

Yesterday’s match between the United States and Brazil was the stuff dreams are made of – a gripping testimony to FIFAWWC‘s rightful place in the global sports arena.

There was no reason the U.S. women should have won. Not when their first goal of the game went in off a Brazilian defender. And not when they were given a controversial red card and Brazil was awarded a penalty kick which was to be denied by the captivatingly formidable Hope Solo only then to have the save denied with another controversial call by the ref which allowed Marta to nail the recovery penalty kick in and consequently leave the United States to play a woman down for the remaining 25 minutes in the second half with the scoreboard at 1-1.

And certainly not when the lightning speed and talent of said Marta made for a dire situation when her shot on goal reached the far post, out of Solo’s reach, and into the net to give Brazil a 2-1 lead in overtime.

But somehow, someway — the United Statues made magic happen when Megan Rapinoe sent a beautiful cross that connected with Abby Wambach who headed it in:

With only one minute left on the clock, the U.S. was able to even the score.

Despite all the fakery and theatrics of Brazil’s bombastic cast (watch how Brazil player #13 just pops off the stretcher), they were unable to beat the heart, soul and spirit of the United States in the final minutes of play.

You didn’t have to be a soccer fan, or sports fans, or even a fan of the United States to appreciate the moment. You only needed to be human to understand the sheer determination and collective will that took to make the tying goal and the ultimate victory happen.

In the final overtime penalty kick shootout, it was solid refereeing that recalled a block by an overzealous Brazilian goalkeeper, a tremendous and fair block by Hope Solo, and the unanimous execution of the United States team to deliver one of the finest matches in soccer history.

Fortitude, resilience, tenacity, mental toughness, calm under pressure, execution – these are the hallmarks of greatness. And no single player for the United States team could claim them individually. Ever single player on the field stepped up, dug deep and produced them as one unstoppable unit. You can watch all the highlights from the game at

Now, heading into the semifinals, the U.S. faces similar opponents in Japan (an underdog who knocked out perennial powerhouse Germany and has never made it to the semifinals), France (who dismantled soccer royalty, England) and Sweden (who beat the United States in the group stage) – teams that drew upon their own unique strengths and depths to make it to the final four.

This final week will be soccer at it’s best, a sport that is embraced by world, played by both men and women, and is a pointed reminder that women (who in parts of the world are still struggling for their right to vote, to get an education, and to simply show their faces) can not only rock out as athletes, but can do it damn well.