New museum exhibit – Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology

The Chachapoyan Fertility Idol

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, presented by the National Geographic Society, immerses you in the science and history of field archaeology 다운로드. Walk in the footsteps of beloved film hero Indiana Jones as you embark on this interactive museum adventure.

This unique exhibition features :

  • A vast and exclusive collection of Indiana Jones film props, models, concept art, and set designs from the Lucasfilm Archives
  • An interactive tour of legendary sites that sheds light on historical myths such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail
  • A rare chance to see some of the world’s most impressive material remains and real-world artefacts from ancient societies from the collections of the world-renowned Penn Museum and the National Geographic Society archives
  • A handheld multimedia guide that lets you personalize your exhibit experience
  • An interactive quest game that let’s children of all ages test their skills and explore the exhibit content in a fun, innovative way


Currently, in Spain but coming to Southern California in October 2012 배민라이더스.


Learn more  – Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology – The Exhibit



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Favorite Commercials: Search your world (Google) with people walking on the internet

삼성 키패드 다운로드

I love this commercial for the sheer amount of props they add in. It starts out with your basic webpage upon which they tape a piece of paper. Next they drop a clothesline across the page to hang photos and paper books 한글 타자 연습 프로그램 다운로드.

Then they cut loose and let people and dogs walk all over the page with stereos, post-its, and even begin to write on the page.

Plus, the music is fun and very Apple-like 다운로드.