Comic-Con goes LGBT in 2012 – costumes, panels, & storylines

Caped crusaders are out and proud this year at Comic-Con International. Even Superman and Batman at the Prism Comics booth wear snug Underoos, capes and chef’s aprons — but not much else — as they entertain passersby 블루스택 1.

“It feels revolutionary,” says Scott Covert, decked out as Batman’s sidekick, Robin, at one of the convention’s many panels about gay culture and the comic book world 다운로드. He flips the lip of his cape as he adds, “There’s more tolerance this year.”

Gay Geekdom celebrated last month when Marvel’s mutant superhero, Northstar, married his longtime partner, Kyle, in “Astonishing X-Men No 다운로드. 51.” The day the issue was released, comic book shops nationwide, including L.A.’s Meltdown Comics, hosted commitment ceremonies, vow renewals or parties; and there was a legal same-sex wedding at Midtown Comics in Manhattan t고딕.

Also in June, DC Comics resurrected the original Golden Age Green Lantern, featuring Alan Scott as a gay man. Even Archie Comics’ All-American Riverdale was the site of a biracial, military-themed, same-sex wedding earlier this year mega 하루.


More on this – Hero Complex: Comic-Con: Gay characters enjoying new prominence, tolerance



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Top 20 Comic Books of 2011

  1. Justice League #1
  2. Batman #1
  3. Action Comics (Superman) #1
  4. Justice League #2
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Overall sales for Comics, Trade Paperbacks, and Magazines for 2011:

$417 million (down less than 1% year-over-year)


* Data represents books sold to North American comics shops as reported by Diamond Comic Distributors

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