China doubles loans to Africa, now $20 billion, and agrees to operate responsibly

China said Thursday it would offer $20 billion in new loans to Africa, underscoring the relationship’s growing importance, as Chinese companies agreed to operate more responsibly on the resource-rich continent 판타지 다운로드.

Beijing has poured money into Africa over the last 15 years, seeking to tap into its vast natural resources, and China became the continent’s largest trading partner in 2009 다운로드.

But its aggressive move into the continent has at times caused friction with local people, with some complaining Chinese companies import their own workers, flout labour laws and mistreat local employees 다운로드.

Addressing African leaders including South African President Jacob Zuma and Kenya Premier Raila Odinga, President Hu Jintao said the loans would focus on supporting infrastructure, manufacturing and the development of small businesses 다운로드.


Source: Yahoo! News – China doubles loans to Africa to $20 billion



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Shakespeare’s Restless World – fascinating new podcast from BBC Radio 4

British Museum Director Neil MacGregor presents Shakespeare’s Restless World, a new series for Radio 4 소닉 앤 너클즈 다운로드. The 20-part series looks at the world through the eyes of Shakespeare’s audience by exploring objects from that turbulent period.

Examining these objects, Neil discusses how Elizabethan playgoers understood and made sense of the unstable and rapidly changing world in which they lived 다운로드. Neil asks what the plays would have meant to the public when they were first performed. He uses carefully selected objects to explore the great issues of the day that preoccupied the public and helped shape the works, and considers what they can reveal about the concerns and beliefs of Shakespearean England 윈도우10 rs5 다운로드.

Contributing to the programmes will be Shakespeare scholars, historians and experts on witchcraft and warfare, fencing and food, luxury trade and many other topics android sdk manager 다운로드. They discuss the issues these objects raise – everything from exploration and discovery to violence, entertainment and the plague.

Shakespeare’s Restless World – (or download in iTunes)

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Variety is up for sale! – Hollywood’s trade publication

Variety, Hollywood’s oldest entertainment industry trade publication (107-years-old), has been put up for sale.

The move comes as Variety has lost its standing as Hollywood’s dominant trade newspaper amid heated competition from online-only publications Deadline and the Wrap, as well as its traditional competitor, the Hollywood Reporter radmin 3.4. Long seen as Variety’s also-ran competitor, the Reporter relaunched in late 2010 under new owners as a glossy weekly magazine that covers breaking daily news on its website Mariadb jdbc download.

Daily Variety is the only remaining daily print publication exclusively covering show business and still the best known around the world.

“Variety is not just a brand, it’s a trophy brand, and you might find someone overpaying for that reason,”

…a sales price would probably be around $50 million Slim framework download.


Read the full article to learn how the Variety paywall failed 소나비아 다운로드.



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Top 20 Comic Books of 2011

  1. Justice League #1
  2. Batman #1
  3. Action Comics (Superman) #1
  4. Justice League #2
  5. Batman #2
  6. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160
  7. Green Lantern #1
  8. Justice League #3
  9. Action Comics #2
  10. Detective Comics (Batman) #1
  11. Batman #3
  12. Flash #1
  13. Fantastic Four #587
  14. Fear Itself #1
  15. Superman #1
  16. Green Lantern #2
  17. Justice League #4
  18. Amazing Spider-Man #666
  19. Action Comics #3
  20. Batman #4


Overall sales for Comics, Trade Paperbacks, and Magazines for 2011:

$417 million (down less than 1% year-over-year)


* Data represents books sold to North American comics shops as reported by Diamond Comic Distributors

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