Labor Stats on Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day I visited a favorite government website, the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The handbook covers every career in America and discusses interesting things, like day-in-the-life, growth potential, education needed, salary ranges. 

For a young whippersnapper it was perfect. I would browse everything from doctor to trash man to college professor.

Today, I found several images that reflect interesting labor trends in America. Here they are, enjoy, and Happy Labor Day!



80%+ of the work force is White, while persons of Hispanic origin are projected to increase, by 2018, their share of the labor force from 14.3 percent to 17.6 percent.





Largest group of the workforce, 23.3%, are those age 45-54, followed closely by those aged 35-44, 22.7%.



 New Jobs


Most new jobs in America are projected to come from healthcare and scientific/technical professions.



Fastest Growing Jobs


Largest Group of New Jobs


Clearly, thousands of jobs, nearly all the jobs, will be healthcare.



Fastest Decline


Bye, bye manufacturing….





Get an associate’s after high school, or a master’s after undergrad and you will be much better off.



Good Producing Jobs


We don’t produce goods anymore, just houses.



Change in Employment


We are definitely becoming more of a service society…not sure that is a good thing.


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