Shot-for-shot break down of new aliens in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus


Just a few shots of the spacecraft, no aliens here. You will have to click the link to io9, but warning major spoiler alert 다운로드.


// Thx – Tara Tiger Brown

한샘 홈플래너 프로그램 다운로드

Monster Bash – awesome 5-second animations

민국송 다운로드

1st place in Greyscale Gorilla’s 5-Second Project contest under the Monster Bash theme 텝스 기출 문제 다운로드.

My animation is a 5 second story about a little vampire that comes to life in paper and gets bashed with a poetic wooden stake – a pencil 찬양하세 다운로드.


 Runners Up



See them all – Greyscale Gorilla – Monster Bash Winners

// Thx to Rob Elliott