The new $180 million game – Play Pictionary with your friends, called Draw Something

The game is super fun and addictive. The first time I opened the iPhone app I played for an hour and a half. I drew all sorts of ridiculous things with my finger, which made them horribly bad, but also over-the-top funny 퍼스트퀸4 리메이크 다운로드.

The game has become so popular in the last 6 weeks that Zynga bought the entire company, OMGPOP, for $180 million based on this one game 다운로드.

It plays kinda like Pictionary except over the internet dur download. Which means that your drawing is recorded and then sent to the other player. You receive the video and watch the other player draw something while you try to guess what it is 다운로드.

An old concept but with the dawn of social networks we know have hundreds more people to play with. No more Saturday night game night. You can play while waiting at the airport, like I did 윈도우7 한글 64비트 iso 다운로드.

Go ahead and try it, and challenge me to a game if you want!

iPhone/iPad app

Android Store

Friend me on Facebook and challenge me to draw something 다운로드!

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