Photos of the Google Street View car, snowmobile, bicycle, and push-cart


The cameras behind Street View from Google have covered large parts of the globe and even many indoor locations. But, have you ever wondered what the vehicles carrying those cameras look like 소나비아 다운로드?


Captured in São Paulo, Brazil, on March 26, 2010.

Captured in Bristol, UK, on July 14, 2008.


Captured in Bilbao, Spain, on November 3, 2009.
Official Google photo taken near the GooglePlex in Mountain View, CA


Taken on top of Blackcomb Peak at the ski resort Whistler in B.C., Canada.




360 Panorama: original photos.


360 panorama: individual photos stitched together to create a continuous panorama.


360 panorama: image re-projected onto a sphere so it looks normal in Street View.



São Paulo Car

Bristol Car

Bilbao Bike

Google Bike, Whistler Snowmobile, Museum Push-cart

360 Panorama’s

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