Hugo in 3D – the perfect December movie

Hugo dazzlingly conjoins the earliest days of cinema with the very latest big-screen technology.

..this opulent adaptation of Brian Selznick’s extensively illustrated novel is ostensibly a children’s and family film, albeit one that will play best to sophisticated kids and culturally inclined adults.

Not sure which one I am a sophisticated kid or a culturally inclined adult?

No matter you should see this movie, indeed I may see it again, just for the 3D. It is absolutely mesmerizing from the multiple layers of snowfall over every outdoor shop to the depth of crowds inside the train station.

I haven’t seen such amazing work since Avatar and I daresay it’s even better. Add onto that a historical edge, filmmaking in Paris in the 1930s, and you have a delightful December movie.

For anyone remotely interested in film history, Hugo must be seen in 3D

The richness of detail and evident care that has been extended to all aspects of the production are of a sort possible only when a top director has a free hand to do everything he or she feels is necessary to entirely fulfill a project’s ambitions.

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