Hyperlinks are the dendrites of the Internet

Alex is very passionate about his work and I respect and agree with his thoughts on linking for credit:

Hyperlinks are the dendrites of the Internet. Hyperlinks are like a retweet on Twitter: they’re both social currency. Linking up the source for news story or fact with a link is like footnoting a research paper, except that it both helps the reader learn more and provides credit and authority to the site linked. Neither mainstream media nor blogs should be lifting stories without linking in 2011. So stop.

via Alex Howard

The Future of the Queue

For the 5th Ignite DC, Steve submitted a proposal. It was accepted and he was asked to present at the event. Below are the full text of the proposal and a video of the talk.


Have you been to an Apple store lately and noticed that nobody is queuing?

Their are no cash registers, no counter, and no cashier. Just a large group of over-friendly employees hanging out talking geek. When you want to buy something they pull out an iPhone to charge your card and print a receipt. Then a magical stockperson appears from the “back” with your new device.

Apple is the first retail operation to make the switch to mobile cashiers. But what happens if this catches on elsewhere…no more waiting for the check at restaurants and maybe no more of those creepy crawly slow lines?

A deep dive into this technology shows that smartphones are taking over. Who knows where this will go. Will the people be replaced by apps? Will mobile cashiers now be wandering around with devices the size of Zack Morris 1980s cell phone?

With all the reports of micro sales in the 100s of millions from paypal to apple to facebook, something is definitely up. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, actually left Twitter to start his own micro payment company (square).

Join me as I explore this new technology and what it means, from the death of queuing to the self-serve starbucks and possibly the removal of all human interaction from our daily lives…