White House names the next CTO of the United States – an “entrepreneur in residence”

Todd Park has been named the next U.S. Chief Technology Officer by the White House 다운로드.

A profile of him in O’Reilly Radar written by Alex Howard:

Park has been working to revolutionize the healthcare industry at HHS since 2009, and in the private sector as an entrepreneur since 1997 1그램 유튜브. Now he’ll have the opportunity to try to improve how the entire federal government works through technology. It’s a daunting challenge, but one that he may have been born to take on pos 프로그램. Park is charismatic, understands technology on a systems level, and has been successful in applying open innovation and a lean startup approach to government at HHS 다운로드.

It’s extremely exciting to hear that HHS’s “entrepreneur in residence” is moving into a much bigger stage.

On a 30,000-foot level, his personal story is deeply compelling 오공의 유산 다운로드. He’s the son of a brilliant immigrant who came here from Korea, attained a graduate-level education, spent his career in a company in the United States and raised a family, including a son who then went on to live the American dream creo view 다운로드.

The full profile including several video interviews


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Hyperlinks are the dendrites of the Internet

Alex is very passionate about his work and I respect and agree with his thoughts on linking for credit:

Hyperlinks are the dendrites of the Internet 자백 14 다운로드. Hyperlinks are like a retweet on Twitter: they’re both social currency 앵무새 다운로드. Linking up the source for news story or fact with a link is like footnoting a research paper, except that it both helps the reader learn more and provides credit and authority to the site linked 여신의 키스 다운로드. Neither mainstream media nor blogs should be lifting stories without linking in 2011. So stop.

via Alex Howard