The Periodic Table as Illustrated Cartoons

In Bunpei Yorifuji’s new book, Wonderful Life with the Elements, each element in the periodic table has personality 다운로드. From the scary poison of Beryllium to the battery power of Lithium. And not to forget Carbon:

It’s wonderful book and worth buying for only $10 다운로드. More images from the book are available at Brain Pickings pdf 편집 프로그램.

I also recommend Bunpei’s past work, the humorous Tokyo Metro “etiquette” posters – Do It At Home db2 odbc 드라이버 다운로드.


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Do you enjoy watching TV on the internet?

I have always found it difficult to watch videos on YouTube. Somehow my body is ok with spending hours on the couch, but a few minutes on YouTube pushes me to insanity 다운로드.

I think this has something to do with the Muppet Babies and Saturday morning cartoons 워 로봇 다운로드. Which makes me wonder if the younger, internet-generations have this problem.

Maybe it’s just a conditioning thing. Having spent so many decades on the couch we just aren’t used to internet TV 마인크래프트 0.12.1.

Though, some numbers from a popular smartphone app, Read It Later, show that video on the internet is booming:

In the past year alone, video saves using Read It Later have grown by 138 percent, and YouTube is now the No 다운로드. 1 most-saved domain in all of Read It Later.

We’re also seeing new evidence that our app is helping people consume longer video than what’s been traditionally embraced on the web: In an analysis of Read It Later’s top 1,000 saved videos, the median length was nearly 30 minutes 필드지니어스 다운로드.

Of course, with 68 percent of videos saved under 5 minutes, short-form still rules…users love to save everything from music videos to animation, movie trailers, news clips and more 다운로드.

News, movies, and music videos…sounds a lot like what TV was like in the good-old days (the 1980s).

“We photograph all our guests for our blog.”


Not that I would ever do this…but I do want one of those photo backdrops with the 1X57 logo on it.


LA Times Magazine, Social Studies, January 2012

We photograph all our guests for our blog.
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