Salted Magazine – a new all-female surfing magazine from the editors of Surfer

The time has come. We’re finally giving female surfers the love they deserve in a brand-new, all-girls magazine, SALTED. The mag, created by the editors of SURFER Magazine, features the best female surfers on the planet, trips to the most idyllic locales, profiles, interviews, history, fashion features, and more. It’s is a much-overdue homage to women’s surfing, all made with the quality, authenticity, and top-notch imagery you’ve come to expect from SURFER.

Hitting newsstands August 14, SALTED is nearly 100 pages of uninterrupted female surf content in an oversized, glossy format. Find it at your local surf shop or bookstore. The digital version will also be available on the Apple Newsstand beginning August 6.


Source: Surfer – Introducing Salted Magazine

Frankie Harrer, one of the many surfers featured in the debut issue of Salted. (Morgan Maassen)

The ever graceful Kelia Moniz. Another outtake from the first issue of Salted. (Salted Magazine)

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  1. Can you subscribe to Salted magazine or only get at book stores. I could not find it in ct area?

    1. Hey John – they don’t seem to have a subscription offering yet. It is from the team at Surfer magazine and they are saying it’s only in newsstands (and prob only in CA). You can get it online:

      – purchase and delivery of print version –

      – purchase digital version, if you have iPhone/iPad, download the Surfer app and you buy it from there –

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