Most Beautiful Men of Surfing: Valentine’s Day Eye Candy For The Ladies

If living in Southern California and becoming entrenched in the world of surfing has taught me one thing, it’s that surfers are a beautiful lot 다운로드. Here are some of my favorites…


Owen Wright

Australian. 21. 6’3”. Laid-back, sweet demeanor 다운로드. Killer smile. And an Australian accent to boot. What more can a girl ask for?










Dane Ward

The epitome of the Southern California surfer boy, how can you not adore a guy who chooses Acai over coffee 지방의 누명 다운로드?















Kelly Slater

The #1 surfer in the world, I thought I was looking at a 1950s movie star when I saw this photo of him 킹스맨 유료 다운로드.


















Andy Irons

Known for his long-standing rivalry with Kelly Slater, Andy devastated the surfing community with his death in November 2010, brought on by a heart attack due to prescription drug use. Andy talks about his love of surfing and his “inner demons” in this great ‘Why I Surf‘ video.











Gerry Lopez 

Born in Hawaii in 1948, Gerry Lopez was and still is widely recognized as one of the best tube-riders in the world. He embodies the soul surfer and is revered as a legend in Indonesia where he mentored many young local surfers.
















Tom Curren

Born to Pat Curren, a big-wave legend and shaper, Tom was world champion three times (1985, 1986, 1990) and led the surfing revolution in the early ’80s, inspiring many of the surfers today. He made a high-profile decision to retire from competitive surfing in the mid-1990s and now is a musician.























Jadson Andre

The Brazilian-born, 21-year old became the first rookie to win an ASP World Tour last year at the  Billabong Pro Santa Catarina, beating out the top-seeded Kelly Slater.
















Jesse Heilman

He tweets, he blogs, he has beautiful brown eyes.
















Matthew McConaughey

Gratuitous butt shot…celebrity surfers are beautiful, too.

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