In the internet era of Super Bowl commercials, "things have changed"

Things have changed in Super Bowl advertising. It used to be about a one time hit for 30 seconds or 60 seconds in the middle of the show nsp 파일. And increasingly we’re trying to create a sort of two-week buzz.

The way in which people advertise in the Super Bowl was kind of developed before there was an Internet 다운로드. One of the things that we did last year — and I don’t think we’re overstating it by saying we pioneered this — is we pre-released our ad 다운로드.

This year, of course what’s happened is everyone will pre-release. I suspect there will not be an ad you’ll see on the Super Bowl that wasn’t available online 찌라시 다운로드. So our feeling was if you want to stay ahead of the curve — if no one is pre-releasing, let’s pre-release; if everyone is pre-releasing, let’s do a pre-pre-release Ota download.

– Mark Hunter, via Marketplace


The original pre-released ad that started it all

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