A century of Olympic posters

‘The Start of the Sprinters’ Dash’ 골프스윙 동영상. Yusaku Kamekura (art director); Osamu Hayasaki (photographer)



Images from the book “A Century of Olympic Posters” by Margaret Timmers:

As snapshots through time, Olympic posters provide a fascinating record of our world, a lens through which we can explore links between sports and art, politics and place, commerce and culture. A Century of Olympic Posters offers an intensely visual representation of the modern Games, and shows the evolution of the Olympic Games poster as well, from the first official poster for Stockholm in 1912 right up to the present 강적들.



(L.A 소닉 앤 너클즈 다운로드. Times)



Official poster for London Olympic Games, 1948, Walter Herz.


See more posters at – Touring exhibition: A Century of Olympic Posters

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