Netflix adds live concerts and music documentaries to its catalog

Netflix this week quietly added just shy of 100 concert films and music documentaries featuring rock and pop legends like the Beatles, Queen, Toto and The Doors to its streaming catalog. The new music content doesn’t exactly make Netflix a Vevo or Wolfgang’s Vault competitor, but it could be a first indicator of music becoming yet another powerful niche for the company.

Netflix has steadily been building out powerful niche content for a variety of audiences. The site has seen a huge influx of Korean dramas in recent months, for example, and it has also taken on a large catalog of Anime content — two very distinct categories with very passionate fan bases.

via Janko Roettgers – GigaOm



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Microsoft Health Vault, a viable alternative to Google Health

Now that Google Health is shutting down I’ve moved my information into Microsoft’s Health Vault.

A while back I spent some time digitizing my health files and also hit-up my Mom for her records. It took a little time but was worth it.

I thought this would force me to throw out the paper files, but I never did. I like having them all online and sortable/searchable, but the physical ones are still required at the Doctor’s office.

Progress in little-itty-bitty steps..