Top 3 Reasons To Choose Airbnb Over Hotels

Airbnb is disrupting the hotel industry. As of February 2012, 5 million guest nights have been booked worldwide since the site’s launch in 2007, with a 500% growth in the past year and accommodations in over 19,000 cities.     I’ve now stayed at two properties (one in San Diego and one in Santa Barbara) and …

20 most rented movies of 2011 – how many have you seen?

The Social Network Limitless No Strings Attached Just Go With It The Lincoln Lawyer Bridesmaids (Unrated) Source Code Tangled The King’s Speech Red Horrible Bosses Toy Story 3 Grown Ups X-Men: First Class Rio The Switch Tron: Legacy I Am Number Four Battle: Los Angeles Transformers: Dark of the Moon source: iTunes Rewind