This is what Global Warming looks like

“This is what global warming looks like at the regional or personal level,” said Jonathan Overpeck, professor of geosciences and atmospheric sciences at the University of Arizona code39 폰트 다운로드. “The extra heat increases the odds of worse heat waves, droughts, storms and wildfire. This is certainly what I and many other climate scientists have been warning about.”

Horrendous wildfires 다운로드. Oppressive heat waves. Devastating droughts. Flooding from giant deluges. And a powerful freak wind storm called a derecho.

These are the kinds of extremes experts have predicted will come with climate change, although it’s far too early to say that is the cause 다운로드. Nor will they say global warming is the reason 3,215 daily high temperature records were set in the month of June.

Scientifically linking individual weather events to climate change takes intensive study, complicated mathematics, computer models and lots of time 휴직증명서 다운로드. Sometimes it isn’t caused by global warming. Weather is always variable; freak things happen.


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Psychology’s five aspects of wisdom

A recent article in the Economist used a complex, but somewhat small in scope, survey to study wisdom c4d r17 다운로드. They found that Americans definitely get smarter with age. They scored 45 points at age 25, and 55 by age 75.

In comparison, the Japanese learn wisdom much quicker, scoring 51 in both age groups 다운로드.

This led to the byline – Americans get wiser with age. Japanese are wise from the start 토익 모의고사 다운로드.

Very interesting and thoughtful, but I found it more inspiring to look at how they judged wisdom.

The assessors scored participants’ responses on a scale of one to three 워킹데드 게임 시즌1 다운로드. This attempted to capture the degree to which they discussed what psychologists consider five crucial aspects of wise reasoning:

  • Willingness to seek opportunities to resolve conflict;
  • Willingness to search for compromise;
  • Recognition of the limits of personal knowledge;
  • Awareness that more than one perspective on a problem can exist;
  • Appreciation of the fact that things may get worse before they get better 알아서 다운로드.


Basically, how good of a – diplomat/negotiator/self-aware/empathetic/realist – are you?


// Thx to Kirby Plessas

My funny personal assistant: entertaining yourself with Siri jokes

환청 mp3 다운로드


There is a blog with over 100 more – stuff Siri says

The first Siri TV commercial

Apple’s Siri vs 노래 청춘. Google Voice

Example of what you can say to Siri

우리말금강경 다운로드

Examples of what you can say to Siri on iOS 5 and iPhone 4S

When Apple announced the new iPhone the hubbub was over the hardware and the name (iPhone 4S and not iPhone 5) 자막 편집기 다운로드.

Then there was this little buzz about Siri that kept popping up. Most of us ignored the announcement because of all the (negative) hoopla around voice-recognition 희비전 다운로드.

Yet, many are predicting that this software, indeed an App, is the most revolutionary technology in the new phone. They may have a point. After all, it’s not the invention that creates the change, it’s the application of it and the ensuing massive adoption that does (think Henry Ford) 다운로드.

With that in mind, Apple might be on to something. They are bringing to the table a top-of-the-line smartphone, all of their native Apps, the best logic engine on the internet (Wolfram Alpha), and a massive user base 사랑의 불시착 5회 다운로드.

A powerful combination that may cause the shift that creates the avalanche.

For more on this check out Paul Miller’s insightful, Why Siri just might work 3dp 칩.

For me, I will definitely be using Siri as a Personal Assistant. There are at least five actions from the below list that I perform all the time:

  • Set an alarm
  • Take a note
  • Send text
  • Get driving directions
  • Google anything


How about you, do you use any of these Apps 다운로드?


  • Address Book
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • E-mail
  • Maps
  • Messages
  • iPod
  • Notes
  • Phone
  • Reminders
  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Internet

Do you perform any of these actions optima 글꼴?
Address Book:

  • Querying Contacts – What’s Amy’s address?
  • Finding Contacts – Show Amy Senger
  • Relationships – My mom is Fran Tarkenton


  • Adding events – create a meeting at 9
  • Changing events – move meeting from 9am to 12pm
  • Asking about events – what is my schedule for the rest of the day 오라클 10g 다운로드?


  • Setting an alarm – wake me up tomorrow at 7am
  • Check the clock – what is today’s date 유니티 웹 다운로드?
  • Using a timer – set the timer for 20 minutes


  • General reminder – remind me to take my umbrella
  • Reminder to call – remind me to call mom
  • Reminder to call, location – remind me to call mom when I get home
  • Reminder to call, geo-fence – remind me to call mom when I leave here
  • Reminder with time – remind me to call mom tomorrow morning


  • Sending messages – e-mail Shawn: Surfing on Saturday 다운로드?
  • Checking messages – show last e-mail from Shawn
  • Responding to messages – reply to Shawn, time change on Saturday works


  • Check on Friends – where is Jesse?
  • Temporary geo-fencing for events – GPS location of all friends during an event


  • Directions – how do I get home?
  • Local business – show nearest Starbucks


  • Sending texts – tell Amy I’m coming home
  • Reading texts – read new message
  • Replying to texts – reply: yes I will pick up some milk


  • Play music – play: Beatles – Let it Be


  • Create notes – there once was a boy named Stevie
  • Find notes – locate note about boy named Stevie


  • Phone calls – call girlfriend


  • Check stock price – what is Apple’s stock price?
  • Check index price – how is the NASDAQ doing?
  • Check details on stock – what is Apple’s P/E ratio?


  • Forecast – what is the weather?
  • Forecast date – what will the weather be tomorrow?
  • Forecast time – what is the weather tonight?
  • Forecast location – what is the weather in Berlin?
  • Forecast details – is it windy today?

Internet search

  • Information search – find definition of hubbub
  • Wolfram Alpha – square root of 52?
  • Near unlimited google queries…

For an even more complete list TUAW has, What can you say to Siri?