Go inside Hollywood’s nerdiest offices – Walking Dead, Geek and Sundry, and more

Seat of power from the web series – Written by a Kid.



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Nerdist Channel – you have to have an excessive knowledge of nerd culture

This is one of the most entertaining press conferences I’ve ever seen.

“You have to have an excessive knowledge of nerd culture, a little bit of desperation, and I believe there is an element of being socially ostracized.”


The Nerdist Channel


Featured shows:

  • Ain’t It Cool with Harry Knowles – the TV version of the website you know and love-or-hate-or-both
  • Chris Hardwick’s All Star Bowling
  • Comic Book Club Live
  • Cute Things Exploding – which is self-explanatory
  • Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic – an interview show with hard-hitting journalist Weird Al Yankovic asking questions and getting answers
  • Kids in the Hall – classic sketches with interviews and anecdotes from the legendary team.
  • Puppet for President – Jim Henson puppet’s speeches, interviews, and searing commentary on the toughest issues of the day
  • Weird S#!t from Japan –  which is about weird sh*t from Japan.

via Nerdist.com

A bunch of nerdy interviews

Are you a nerd?

It’s okay don’t answer. No need.

We control the internets and establish what is cool. No matter what everyone else thinks. Let’s just develop, design, and build away. Bit by bit we take over the world.

To help us along there is this really interesting site called the The Setup (aka usesthis.com). It features “a collection of nerdy interviews, asking people from all walks of life about the software and hardware they use.”

It should +1 your skills or at least give you a connection to the vast world of nerds out there. Like Ben Kamens the lead developer of the famous Khan Academy, Keven Kelly the cofounder of Wired magazine, Anil Dash, a million others, and not to mention Wiley Wiggins who smokes blindfolded.


Nerd Culture Dominates the World

In an interesting twist, Amy was asked to do an interview for a special feature on science and technology for Brazilian television (TV Globo). The topic was nerd culture in America.

We both loved talking with Brazilians about “The Social Network” and especially Luiz’s interview style. The title of the segment was: Cultura nerd domina o mundo nos anos 2000.

Check Amy out starting at 15:26: