Time lapse movie – TWiT podcasting studio in 60 seconds



Time lapse movie recorded in the TWiT studio in Petaluma, CA using a 3rd generation iPad mounted to a Losmandy StarLapse motor with a Makayama mount with wide-angle lens 다운로드. The time-lapse was captured using iStopMotion for the iPad by Boinx Software.

Special thanks to Oliver at Boinx for coming up with the idea, and to Leo Laporte and the entire TWiT crew for their hospitality 1km 어플 다운로드. Movie by Derrick Story.


A great debate on SOPA – understanding new business models and who is really losing money

Today, Wikipedia and hundreds of other sites are blacked out to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA.

It is a great effort and getting a ton of publicity, which is exactly what the goal was 다운로드. The next step is education and progress.

A great place to start is with this debate between Leo Laporte and Nilay Patel. Both are content creators and experts in all things internet (Patel is even a former copyright attorney) 다운로드.

Listening to Leo’s points completely changed my point of view on this topic 클래 시 봇 다운로드.

There is also an audio version (mp3) 다운로드.