Welcome to Apple – the inspirational note employees receive on their first day



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Top 10 reasons to read comic books

10. Fun To Read
9. Spark The Imagination
8. Inspirational
7. Pretty Pictures
6. Literacy
5. Educational Tidbits and Nuggets
4 컬투쇼 사연모음 다운로드. Cool Factor
3. Better Than The Movie
1. Good Ol’ Fashion Values

via Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read Comics

I totally agree with the list, though I think ‘fun’ and ‘inspirational’ should be much higher 다운로드. It’s fun to argue these points and worth reading the full article for descriptions of why each was included.

Thanks to I Sell Comics for sharing 다운로드.

Apple Keynotes Are Inspirational and You Should Watch Them

Seriously, you should watch the Apple Keynotes. Each video demonstrates the amazing engineering capabilities of one of America’s most innovative companies 영화 된장 다운로드.

I get a lot of crap for getting excited about these keynotes. I really think its kind of silly too. It’s easy to get caught up in the vogue of marketing 다운로드. Where the PC vs. Mac commercials tell you to choose sides. Then there are the fanatics (yes I am one) who absolutely gush about Apple products. It is similarly silly to fall back on our typical American skepticism 다운로드.

If you can avoid the pop culture magnetism you can easily see why I like Apple. Every 6 months they sit down and have a conversation with their customers 원광 만세력 다운로드. Yes you can say they are locked down and controlling, but you could also say they are constantly upgrading their products to meet customer needs. Every keynote they address our needs and they do it innovative futuristic fashion 다운로드. They bring together the best technology, best minds, and best engineering to make it so.

Beyond that they make it a big deal. Every day folks are doing innovative things but rarely do they stop and share with the world 판타지 다운로드. In the keynotes, Apple brings in musicians, top company engineers, state-of-the-art presentation tools, and more.

So, do me a favor take off your gloomy shades and watch one 다운로드. Then come back and tell me if you were’nt inspired and you couldn’t see American ingenuity at its best.

While you’re at it the TED videos & Google Talks are also absolutely inspirational to watch too 다운로드.