Twitter wants to bring back intimacy – could replace follower count with new metric

Twitter has lost its intimacy and it’s not their fault. The site has grown beyond everyone’s expectations becoming a place for Middle East Revolution and celebrity obsession n 스토어 영화. For chatting with your favorite company and following the best news sources. But all this growth lost the warmth of having a quality groups of friends to Tweet 웹서버 디렉토리 다운로드.

The company has plans to change this, as Buzzfeed reports, “follower counts may soon become the second most important number to users.” Twitter Board Member, Ev Williams, hinted that the new metric may be something more personal 법정동 shp. Like measuring your reach through favorites, retweets, and views. “The dream metric,” he said, “is how many people saw your tweet.”

This could be an interesting change for the company 다운로드. They cannot diminish the value of followers for big brands since they are making a truckload of money off it lullaby. But for regular people followers don’t mean much, they want quality interactions and interesting people.

This could be a big move for Twitter and a necessary one because Facebook is already doing it 소득공제 신고서 다운로드.


Bring back the warmth. (source: Ed Yourdon)

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