The Oscar-nominated foreign language films of 2011

Every year the Academy invites countries to submit their best film for the Oscar of Best Foreign Language Film.

Each film must have been released in theaters, produced outside the United States, and contain primarily non-English dialogue.

In 2012, sixty three countries submitted a film and nine were shortlisted as contenders. On January 24, the five Oscar nominees were announced.

Oscar Nominated Films

Belgium – “Bullhead

Canada – “Monsieur Lazhar

Iran – “A Separation

Israel – “Footnote

Poland – “In Darkness


Shortlisted Films

Denmark – “SuperClasico

Germany – “Pina

Morocco – “Omar Killed Me

Taiwan – “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale


While it may be difficult to see these in theaters try to find them as they are among the highest rated movies of the year.

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