Instant Watcher turns the Netflix API into the perfect way to find a movie to watch

Instant Watcher is the perfect site for Netflix Instant users. You can quickly and easily find movies to watch and avoid the miserable search and click on Netflix’s own site.

“About a quadrillion times easier to browse than Netflix’s own site” — Boing Boing Offworld, Feb 6, 2009

Within a few clicks you can figure out how everything works, including my favorites: highest rated movies of 2010-2011, highest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, and the simple most popular streamed movies.

There is also the opportunity to view those movies expiring soon.

Finally, a critical part of the browsing experience is the pop-up that appears when you roll over a movie title. This gives you a picture and a synopsis without having to click a link and leave your list.

“A great example of the amazing things which can be built when a company offers up an API for use by third-party developers.” — Read Write Web / The New York Times, Jan 28, 2009

Once you visit and browse around you will never think about Netflix the same way again.


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