The evolution of design, for blogging

This week TechCrunch launched a new design for their site and Michael Arrington, the founder, posted links to the previous designs. Which gives us a unique chance to see the evolution of blog design from 2005 to 2011.

Screenshots of all four changes are provided below and here are the big changes I noticed, what did you see?

  • Ads – most dramatic change, in number (1 ⇒ 8 ⇒ 10 ⇒ 1) and size (wide banner is gone).
  • Admin links – like categories, search, about, have steadily moved up the site, now resting on the very top.
  • RSS – went from prominent placement to completely missing.
  • Content – hasn’t changed, except for picture on left and title font growth.
  • Sidebar – the eternal experimental space with the site going from sidebars at dual surround, dual right, thinner dual right, and single right.

 *TechCrunch runs on WordPress*





Photo credits

2011 – my screenshot

2008 – Digital Inspiration

2006 – CrunchNotes

2005 – Michael Arrington on Flickr

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  1. I just love how the article page today has already changed from the posting of this blog post. Now with a 728×90 leaderboard ad and social share. 

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