Big Wednesdays – a summer surf movie series – with 5 films

The California Surf Museum and California Surf Festival are bringing together a 5-piece film festival, spread out over the summer. Every few Wednesdays they will show a modern or classic surf film.

Tickets are $10, shows start at 7pm, and located in Oceanside, California.

See the poster at bottom for the full details.


June 20 – BoardRoom: Legends of Surfboard Shaping

BoardRoom is a feature-length documentary featuring the legends of early surfboard shaping.



July 11 – The Californians (narrated live by creator Jamie Budge)

The late sixties, early seventies were all about change: in society, the surfboards we rode and the way we rode them. Jamie Budge’s classic surf film “The Californians” shows from a perspective of “Four Years After” how far we had come. The long and short of it. The best of the old. The newest of the “new”.



July 20 – A Paradigm Shift & a new short film from Haley Gordon

A Paradigm Shift (w/ trailer) – Great surfers surfing all types of boards, on all types of waves. This is Director Steve Cleveland’s new film. Starring Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, Joel Tudor and more. Filmed in Australia, California, Hawaii, Mexico and Micronesia.



August 8 – Little Wednesday & Big Wednesday

Little Wednesday – rare behind the scenes footage from the set of the movie Big Wednesday. 10-minute short, shot and narrated live by creator Denny Aaberg. Following the short, watch the classic 1978 Hollywood movie “Big Wednesday” .



August 22 – Korduroy.TV

Meet the photographers, filmmakers, bloggers, and artists for a behind-the-screens evening of video how-tos, short films, rants and interviews.



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