Space in your hand – 10 amazing iPhone, Android apps from NASA, JPL

Get your space on with these 10 amazing apps from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They will amaze you with their material from visiting a comet, to being on the surface of Mars, or joining an astronomy society.


**All content from NASA/JPL


Space Images V2! – Discover, share and explore stunning images and videos of space from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Earth Now – View stunning visualizations of climate change data from NASA’s Earth satellites on a 3-D model of Earth that can be rotated and manipulated for an all-encompassing view of our world’s vital stats.


Be A Martian (iPhone, Android, Windows) – lets you experience Mars as if you were there! Take part in discovery as it happens and join a community of worldwide explorers!


Spacecraft 3D – Get an up-close-and-personal look at a variety of NASA spacecraft designed to study the Earth, Mars and the universe, using this augmented reality application.


Aquarius – Learn about NASA’s Earth satellite mission to measure global sea surface salinity, a major factor of climate change.


Cassini – NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has explored the Saturnian system from orbit since July 2004, unraveling mysteries about the ringed planet and its many moons.


Comet Quest – You’re in the driver’s seat as the Rosetta spacecraft begins its orbit around comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Take the controls to examine the comet up close, explore craters, cracks and jets on the comet’s surface and learn more about the mysterious object all while earning points for your discoveries.


GRAIL – NASA’s GRAIL mission is comprised of a pair of mirror-identical spacecraft to the Earth’s Moon to perform precision gravity measurements.


Satellite Insight – This game, based on NASA’s GOES-R satellite series, which is designed to provide constant data and imagery on Earth’s weather and even detect and track hurricanes, puts players in the hot seat, bundling identical blocks of data as they’re collected by a virtual spacecraft.


Go StarGaze – By Astronomical Society of the Pacific – Want to see the moon, stars & planets through a telescope? Go StarGaze helps you find star parties and astronomy clubs in the USA. Knowledgeable people share their telescopes and guide you as you explore the universe!

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