Seaside living – “doesn’t anybody around here work?”

As a coastal resident I found this piece humorous and apropos:


Seaside living and the illusion of leisure

…in short, we work. This is the dirty little secret of seaside living. Everyone around us may be on vacation, but that doesn’t mean we get a holiday. People move here imagining that life is just one long afternoon under a beach umbrella. They stop for lunch and look out onto our sidewalks and think, “Don’t people here need to earn a living?”

Yes, we do. Those window-shoppers? Other tourists.


This rings even more true for me since I work from home. I set my schedule around the crowds and that means I tend to work on Friday nights and all weekend long. I have my fun on a Tuesday afternoon and run errands at 10am on a Wednesday.

It beats the hustle and bustle, but also prompts the question, “Don’t you work?”



“Here is a classic old shot of the original OP Pro. The days when Tom Curren inspired us. The crowds were fierce and there were no skateparks. Just OP & 95.5 KLOS.” (Judging by the hair and clothes this is the mid-1980s) (Photo: Lost and Found Collection)

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