New Star Wars T-Shirts for the release of Episode 1 in 3D — by web designers

R2 Graffiti – Artoo is conflicted. He hates it when taggers mistake him for a mailbox, but at the same time… street art is in right now, he looks kind of dope. Designed by Reece Ward.


Wookie Shades – It’s not just cause they make him look cool. The sun is really, really bright on Kashyyyk. It’s murder on your baby blues.


Wampa Kit – Awww, Wampa haz an owie. Give him a Band-Aid and an ice cream cone, make it all better!


Jedi Thumb Trick – “This is… the shirt you were looking for”… (By the way, the thumb trick makes you forget about trying to hitch-hike your way to Mos Eisley). Designed by Reece Ward.


Episode 4 Crew Shirt – A replica of the t-shirt worn by crew members on the original Star Wars film! (See images: Richard Edlund (L) wears the tee in the shot with George Lucas and other crew).


Darth Maul Limited – Maul just really, really enjoys his job destroying Jedis. So much that he likes to watch himself do it in 3D. EVIL. Designed by Reece Ward


8-Bit Sand People – It’s really important for 8-Bit Tusken Raiders to ride single file to hide their numbers. One little pixel off and it ruins everything

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