Maps of where Olympic athletes are born and where they move to

The map above shows the birthplace of the 500 athletes the United States sent to the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The break down:

  • 9 percent (43 athletes) – are from Los Angeles
  • 3.6 percent (17) – are from the Bay Area
  • 3 percent (14) – are from greater New York
  • 2.3 percent (11) from Dallas.
  • 8 percent were born abroad

This map shows where these athletes are currently living:

  • Top locations: Los Angeles, 68 Olympians – San Diego, 38 – Colorado Springs, 21.

These athletes are clustered around Olympic training facilities in Chula Vista near San Diego and Colorado Springs.

One thing that’s notable is the pronounced clustering of athletes in individual sports. L.A., for example, is home to six of 10 beach volleyball players, with two more from nearby Santa Barbara and Oxnard. Nearly half of America’s fencers (7 of 16) live in New York. More than three-quarters of female rowers – 16 out of 21 of them – live in a single city, Princeton, New Jersey.


Source: The Atlantic – The Geography of Team USA


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