Inside the forbidden land – environmental photos of Russia from National Geographic

For an American, these photos are truly breathtaking. For most of our lives Russia has been an impenetrable vast region, indeed the largest country in the world, with millions of acres of natural wonders 다운로드.

My own heritage brings me back to Belarus (the first photo below). Enjoy these photos from National Geographic Russia and their Google+ page 다운로드.

I apologize for the captions since they are Google Translations from Russian (I’m also amazed that I can auto-translate a language in a browser with one click) 더미다 다운로드.

"Snow-white spring in the Belarusian forest." Photo by: Christine Lebedinskaya.



Ability goshawk isolated from pigeon flocks of individuals with unusual plumage makes these birds of prey hunt and helps to quickly acquire offspring.


The most beautiful and diverse vegetation in Russian Lapland - at the crossroads of natural areas: forests, tundra and forest tundra.


Dovbush Rocks, Ukraine. Photo by: Victoria Bohan


The first tsunami wave spills over the dam in Miyyako, taking with them the cars and boats. Japan - the world leader in preparing for earthquakes and tsunamis. An earthquake of magnitude 9, occurred in the Tohoku region, in any other country would have been much more devastating.


April issue of the magazine - National Geographic Russia

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