Historical photos of UCLA and Westwood Village from first day of classes to late-1930s

Historical photos of UCLA and Westwood village from the late-1920s to late-1930s, just as the school and campus was being built.

The first day of classes in Westwood were in 1929 with 5,500 students and was also the first year the UCLA football team played the USC football team 다운로드.

Thx to KS Bruin

Another aerial shot showing Moore Hall and Janss Steps under construction.

1929, on the right is a Ralphs Grocery Store, on the left is Sears Department Store, and down the middle is the Fox Theater. Taken from the corner of Lindbrook Drive and Westwood Boulevard, with Broxton Avenue in the distance (Westwood Blvd curves to the right).

One block further back than the previous photo. This one taken from Wilshire Boulevard looking north down Westwood Boulevard. At the dome in the distance Westwood Blvd curves to the right and Broxton Ave continues straight to the Fox Theater (see previous photos with Ralphs/Sears). On the left is a gas station called Standard Ethyl.
Aerial view of Westwood Village on September 14, 1929. The Ralphs Grocery Store in the previous photos is under construction on the middle-right. You can see all the farmland and how rural this part of Los Angeles was.
Aerial view of Westwood Village taken from the Goodyear Blimp, (see it's shadow?), mid to late-1930s. Many more buildings and a grove of trees north of Le Conte.

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