Facebook's new office of endless snacks, cozies, and "hack out" spaces

Facebook’s new campus is up and the employees are moving in. Here are some insights into the goodies they have laid out:

The whole campus is connected through a central courtyard.  Right now it’s still filled with bulldozers and dirt, but when it’s finished, we’ll have two full-service cafes, two coffee shops, on-site doctors, a fitness center, and much more.  And as always, we still offer other perks like free dry cleaning and endless snacks in our micro-kitchens.

There are no private offices or cubicles.  We tore down those unnecessary walls so that everyone could sit out in the open with their teams.  We’ve scattered hundreds of conference rooms and “cozies”—little breakaway spaces filled with couches and brightly colored chairs—throughout the buildings.  As people run into each other in hallways or at the micro-kitchens, it’s important that they can quickly duck away somewhere if they want to chat or hash out ideas.

We’ve always believed in “hacking out” our space—putting up posters and scribbling ideas on the walls—so we lined the hallways with chalkboard paint and put a box of chalk on everyone’s desk.

We’ve sponsored Zimride to come to the wider city of Menlo Park and help their residents find rideshare opportunities, and soon we’ll launch Facebucks, a program that incentivizes employees to get out, enjoy and spend money in downtown Menlo Park.

We’re pursuing a LEED Gold certification—we offer recycling and composting bins everywhere for employees, and we’ve reused as much of the existing structure as possible.  For instance, there isn’t a single new door on the campus—they’ve all been recycled from those used by our predecessors.

We also offer a robust transportation program that provides alternatives to single-car commuting, including free shuttles from the surrounding areas, vanpools, (and) bicycles. Over 47% of our employees use one of these programs.  In fact, even as we grow, we don’t plan to add a single new parking space to the existing campus.

Our New Menlo Park Home

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