Debbie Beacham a pioneer in womens surfing

Last week I attended the induction ceremony for the Surfing Walk of Fame where Debbie Beacham was honored. She seemed shy as she walked onto the stage making the comment that PT forced her to write a speech. What came out was fascinating.

I grabbed two minutes of it on my iPhone. The sound is great but the shot is too distant to get a good shot of Debbie.

Debbie is a true unsung hero of womens sports and womens surfing. After retiring from competition she plunged into the hard backroom world to make it a viable profession.

For several decades she repp’ed womens surfing by putting on events, organizing tours, getting sponsor money, producing movies for girls, and more. Now she is┬áthe Vice-President of the International Surfing Association (ISA), the official governing body of surfing.

I am a big fan of womens surfing and it’s great to see heroines like her in person.

Debbie in 1983 when she was world champion.

If you’re a fan of womens surfing check out this great online magazine – Jetty Girl.

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