AES power plant in Huntington Beach

If you drive down PCH in Huntington Beach you will pass the only power plant in Orange County asp 첨부파일 다운로드. Located at Newland and PCH, across the street from the beach.

The natural gas plant is owned by AES a leading global power company with 132 plants in 32 countries with $17 billion in revenue 다운로드. It is currently listed at #150 on the Fortune 500 (pdf) 윈도우7 ios 다운로드.

In California, it operates 2 other natural gas plants in Los Alamitos and Redondo Beach 피파 18 한글 다운로드. As well as 5 wind stations. Although, the largest section of its portfolio are coal powered plants located elsewhere in the USA.

The plant in Huntington Beach was purchased from Southern California Edison in 1998 and has been in operation since 1958 다운로드. It uses conventional GM steam turbines among others 옛날 폰트 다운로드.

In 2001, the company petitioned to upgrade and then turn on gas burners 3 and 4 (additional source), which would bring the capacity up to 904 MW 블루스택 1. They were successful and, in 2002, the city valued the plant at $325 million 다운로드.

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Huntington Beach Goes Solar

Huntington Beach is leading the nation in many green areas, including clean energy 다운로드. In just a few weeks, the city government’s largest buildings, City Hall and Central Library, will have full solar installations in the parking lot 다운로드.

This project is the result of several years of energy savings for the city, including a review of the energy costs for the city government, broken down below:

HB City Government Electricity 2008-09

  • Street Lights – $2.0 million
  • City Hall – $564K
  • Water Pumping – $519K
  • Central Library – $398K
  • Traffic Lights – $90k
  • Other – $836K
  • Total – $4.5 million

** Source: HB Energy Action Plan (pdf)

As you can see the street lights in the city are, by far, the most expensive 다운로드. After that comes City Hall and Central Library, which combined cost the city nearly 1$ million/year.

In response the city used Obama’s stimulus money to fund a solar feasibility project 백일의 낭군님 3화. The results showed a positive return for the city and they put out a contract:

“SunEdison was selected as the winning bidder for the solar project…(and the city) entered into a 20-year, 2.3 Megawatt Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract, with SunEdison providing, owning, and operating the equipment 다운로드. The city purchases the solar power at a flat rate from SunEdison.”

“According to the terms of this agreement the city is not liable for any capital costs or maintenance 다운로드. Additionally, the city benefits from shaded parking.”

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Debbie Beacham a pioneer in womens surfing

Last week I attended the induction ceremony for the Surfing Walk of Fame where Debbie Beacham was honored 호스텔2 다운로드. She seemed shy as she walked onto the stage making the comment that PT forced her to write a speech 다운로드. What came out was fascinating.

I grabbed two minutes of it on my iPhone 다운로드. The sound is great but the shot is too distant to get a good shot of Debbie.

Debbie is a true unsung hero of womens sports and womens surfing 연가시 다운로드. After retiring from competition she plunged into the hard backroom world to make it a viable profession.

For several decades she repp’ed womens surfing by putting on events, organizing tours, getting sponsor money, producing movies for girls, and more 다운로드. Now she is the Vice-President of the International Surfing Association (ISA), the official governing body of surfing 다운로드.

I am a big fan of womens surfing and it’s great to see heroines like her in person.

Debbie in 1983 when she was world champion.

If you’re a fan of womens surfing check out this great online magazine – Jetty Girl Charles download.

Top Events for the US Open of Surfing 2011


Welcome to the 2011 US Open of Surfing 다운로드!

The party officially starts today with check-ins for the athletes and the big on-beach retail stores opening up. Though, with a big swell hitting right now most are probably in the water 포켓몬고 오토봇 다운로드.

If you’re looking to attend I pulled together my favorite, must-see events, check ’em out:

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