130 years of news for the L.A. Times, my favorite newspaper's birthday

1937, the Times Building, beautiful right, gives Batman's Gotham a run for its money.


The Los Angeles Times has the best newspaper website in the world 영타연습 다운로드. Their online presence is the fastest growing in the U.S., and for a technologist, like me, that is awesome.

I have their iPhone and iPad apps, including the LA Times Magazine app which is the best magazine app I’ve seen yet 다운로드. I love their spinoff websites, like Hero Complex that talks all about super hero movies, science fiction, fantasy, and more 손 닿으면 다운로드.

Most importantly, the taste of the newspaper suits me. From the art and architecture to sports and business, I feel a kinship with the writing and focus 다운로드. It’s really cool to find something like that.

Especially, when the gray lady is putting up paywalls and messing around with commenters 다운로드. The New York Times is supposed to be our newspaper of record, and they do have some great journalists, but when it comes to winning over technologists they are far, far behind 다운로드. I say that until they fully embrace the online world we avoid their site and make them earn that number one spot.

Anyway, back to the special paper of the day. Happy Birthday Los Angeles Times!

Keep up the good work and here’s to another 130 years.

Capturing history as it was made – The Times celebrates its birthday with a look back at some memorable photos and front pages


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