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Chop Shop – Released in 2008 and already in my Great Movies Collection. That’s how much I respect it. Ramin Bahrani is a new American master. Available on NetStream (my new word for Netflix Instant). Here’s my GM review: http://bit.ly/zJP2JD


My Son the Fanatic – A a taxi driver of Pakistani origins for many years has lived in the British midlands, often giving rides to hookers. There’s one hooker he rather likes, because she sees him as an individual, something few other people in his life seem able to do. Wonderful work by Om Puri and Rachel Griffiths. On Netflix Instant. Here’s my review: http://bit.ly/yn0G3G


The Fury – Here’s a Brian De Palma movie you don’t often hear about. Not great, but very entertaining, with a top cast: Kirk Douglas, John Cassevetes, Amy Irving. It’s about two teen-agers with paranormal powers. Sometimes the powers go out of control, because these are kids who’ve been messed with by scientists until they’re emotionally unstable. And when they get mad, there’s trouble. On Netflix Instant. My review: http://bit.ly/A0v20S


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