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Surf band: The Red Fox Tails

The Red Fox Tails: Surf Soul Jazz


From the band’s website:

Combining elements of Jazz, Surf, Rock and Roll, Latin and Second Line rhythms, The Red Fox Tails have come up with a sound they might call “Surf Jazz”…shaped by world music flavors such as, Peruvian Chicha, 60′s/70′s Ethiopian pop music, as well as early New Orleans Funk and R&B with a heaping dose of Jim Jarmusch/David Lynch-like motion picture music.

The Red Fox Tails: Felipe Benavides’ savory guitar tones, Jay Reilly’s angular thumping acoustic bass, and drummer Ron Bocian’s rhythmic dexterity.


They have two albums out,  Drop In (2011) and Aloha (2012).


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