The Red Fox Tails: Surf Soul Jazz


From the band’s website:

Combining elements of Jazz, Surf, Rock and Roll, Latin and Second Line rhythms, The Red Fox Tails have come up with a sound they might call “Surf Jazz”…shaped by world music flavors such as, Peruvian Chicha, 60′s/70′s Ethiopian pop music, as well as early New Orleans Funk and R&B with a heaping dose of Jim Jarmusch/David Lynch-like motion picture music.

The Red Fox Tails: Felipe Benavides’ savory guitar tones, Jay Reilly’s angular thumping acoustic bass, and drummer Ron Bocian’s rhythmic dexterity.


They have two albums out,  Drop In (2011) and Aloha (2012).



The band on Facebook & Twitter.


(photo: Facebook)

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